There’s a word that we can’t use too much anymore when talking about our government, even our President.  Used to be years ago a man’s handshake was his oath – not so much anymore.  We used to have faith in our teachers and religious leaders — now we are starting to worry and fear them.  The doctor who visited my home when I was ill al those years ago, Dr Jankowski, he was a credible and respectable physician.  Now we worry.  Are they correct?  Did the give the correct diagnosis?  Can’t seem to buy an American made car without the worry that the product is not the best we can make at the best price — our car manufacturers have lost their credibility.  Is there an atomic weapon in the making in Iran?  Well our President has been saying so for months but now we find out that he may have known something else for a while that might indicate that like Iraq we may be putting our nose someplace for someone else’s ulterior motives — again that issue of credibility.

What’s left?  Who can we say is a credible source anymore?  National news?  Nope.  The internet?  Certainly not.  Your family physician/priest/educator/lawyer?  I’m afraid not.  I can’t seem to conjure up a source I could say without any hesitation is a credible person(s).  If my dad were still alive …

About bauernfeind

NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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