Summer Squash

This includes that weed growing zucchini that every junior farmer in the world grows and does not realize how much yield there is from a few lousy plants!
FIrst of all the trick is to cook only those squash that are not too big ( say over 14 inches in length, nor too small 5-6 inches) The rest — toss in the woods.

10 Summer squash
Carotino oil
Olive Oil
Parsley flakes

If you have more than the Pope needs — say 30 of them, cover them in a newspaper and place in paper bag (no plastic) in a cool dark place right next to your mother-in-law. Keep 10 out.

Wash them with cold water, peel them but not completely — leave some stripes of skin to hold them together better – then cut off the tips. Slice them into 1/4 inch slices and place in a large bowl.
Take 2 onions and peel and slice them — not too thin or they will fall through the grill later — place them in a bowl with the squash.
Cut up one or two bell peppers – your choice – slice and place in bowl as well.

Use about one “glug” of olive oil and three glugs of “Carotino” cooking oil. Carotino is a blend of Canola and Red Palm Fruit oil that is cholesterol free and contains no trans fats. It will stain the squash orange a bit, but that is what you want to make sure when you are stirring it up that everything gets coated. Shake a little parsley flakes on the mixture, stir, and cover. You can leave it sit for a day or two before use.

When ready grill the mixture. It takes a bit of patience flipping the individual squash and you will lose some to the grill (if you have an old grill grate you can cross the grates to prevent much loss) Once browned a bit they are essentially ready to eat. So if you are grilling out, cook these first and then place them on a back area or higher grill surface so they will stay warm but not cook too much more and then add the meat to cook.

Extra leftover? Warm up in a non-stick frying pan.


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