Europe and Back!

Well since my last post a while ago we’ve managed to travel to Europe with the tour I was leading, we stayed behind and visited old friends and communities we lived in and then we returned leaving our youngest daughter in Austria to finish her German major for college!  We travelled from Paris to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, back to Austria and then back through Germany with the formal EF Tour.

We left the tour in Berlin and traveled to Geilenkirchen Germany where we lived from 1990 to 1994.  While there we visited our old house and wonderful neighbors!  We had a great time — there is an old saying that you can never go back home again — I disagree.  Our stay in Geilenkirchen put us back 15 years and we relived the experience.  It was wonderful.  From Geilenkirchen we traveled south to Ramstein AFB and visited with friends there Chuck and June Lile.  They were wonderful hosts and we enjoyed our brief stay with them.  From Ramstein on to Switzerland and Lake Lucerne.  We keep coming back here, it is just so beautiful.  We stayed in Rigi in the Rigi Hotel.  Beautiful hotel nestled into the mountain and against the lake.  We climbed the mountain and swam in the lake — it was heaven.  We left Switzerland and Jessica behind when we left Switzerland for Germany again and then back to the states.  Jessica stayed about another month in Austria going to school to finish up her German major for Austin Peay University.  I think my European travel days are coming to an end.  The travel takes so much effort anymore that yearly travel is getting difficult — we’ll have to see.

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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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