New Paint

We got a few things done today. The top of the house, despite the fact that I have painted this house twice in the past years, has never been painted. I always seem to forget it. Well Monica and I, dizzy and dizzier got up there today because of the beautiful weather and knocked it out! Really looks good. Now I can say the whole house has been painted within the past three years — in stages! One wall I’ve painted three times! Don’t ask me why it is just one of those things. Jessica, Rebecca, and Jenna spent the afternoon moving the remainder of the stuff out from upstairs so we can get the rugs cleaned really well. I’ll never forget when we were picking out the rugs for upstairs, only a few years ago, and Jessica insisted on this very light beige. Despite my objections (why do I bother) we got the light beige — almost off-white. Every spill, dog accident, chair scuff is still visible on that carpet and it was not cheap! Never again! Anyway things are slowly coming together. As we enter the late summer now and I go back to school we’ll hit it in small pieces, chipping away a little at a time. While taking down the some of the pictures off the wall I’ve not removed the tiny nails that held them up. Jessica on her first trip down the stairs with a load of boxes tore her elbow on one of those nails. Years ago when we left New York to go back into the military, I can remember my day remarking after we took down all of our pictures that he was afraid to take all the nails out of the wall in case it falls! We have and have always had, many pictures adorn our walls. We really like them!


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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