Jessica’s Wall

Jessica’s room was a combination of moon and stars on the top of the walls and the ceiling and on part of the walls we allowed her and her friends to write messages. I don’t really remember when it started but if you look closely you’ll see things like her friends names – Elizabeth and others, her dog’s name Cinder, different dates, other people, something that looks like a turtle, sayings, boys names, songs, you name it and it’s there. A teen’s early wall blog. On the ceiling at night in the dark the stars shone from some luminescent stars we got somewhere. Rebecca is up there now tearing the wallpaper down and moving the last of the stuff downstairs — stuff that they have identified as not theirs and they don’t want which means Monica will have to examine before I throw it away. I’m the garbage man in this exercise. The only stuff I can remember that was good stuff after my parents both passed away was the pictures. My sisters and I had fun sitting on the floor looking at old pictures, trying to remember who was in them. Old chairs and furniture meant little in comparison to old pictures. We will keep as many of the pictures as we can so when the day comes our kids get to dig through them, there will be plenty to laugh and cry about.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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