Americorps – A beginning and an end

Well last week was a week of change for us. Jessica’s last week at home before taking off for the Americorps and a year of volunteering for America. Quite an accomplishment for our youngest but a difficult time for the family.

The evening before we spent the night at the Gerst Haus in Nashville, for a German food and beer send off party.
While it was not much of a “party” atmosphere it was a memorable evening.
She decided to spend the night on the couch – I think she decided when she graduated high school years ago that she was no longer a member of the household in a way. She wanted her independence and has fought valiantly to maintain her independence. This transition to Americorps was however, no less traumatic for her as it was for us despite her feelings of

independence. With Rebecca’s help she managed to get more stuff in a suitcase than is humanly possible. In fact while at the airport they had to unpack one bag and transfer some items to

another because of the weight limits. Americorps will serve as her “bridge” between her life as Jessica Bauernfeind the student and daughter of Jim and Monica, sister of Christina and Rebecca, to Jessica Bauernfeind the adult making her own way in whatever world she feels wants to enter. As they say the world is her oyster and I am sure Jessica will fill that world of hers with great things.

It is said water seeks its own level, and like water Jessica is still seeking her place in our world. Nonetheless as you can see from the anguish on our faces we had an exceptionally tough time at the airport. Monica and I had a miserable ride home and felt like we had a beating by the next morning. We hope to travel to wherever she is for this Thanksgiving. Christmas we will go and pick her up in Vicksburg Mississippi for her two week break before she goes off again. Meanwhile we continue our push to ready the house for the move and sale. Monica has most of the one bedroom upstairs re-painted, Jessica’s old room in fact, and this weekend we begin work on the bathroom.


About bauernfeind

NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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