Last Trip to Storage for Summer

We’re exhausted! We had been filling a trailer load of items that were going to the dump, to Goodwill, and to storage for a few weewks and Saturday we made the rounds. Monica finished painting one of the rooms upstairs and with this trip to storage, etc., we have accomplished much of what we wanted to this summer. Over the coming weeks I will finish the wall in the hallway, paint the hallway, and we will start painting the bathroom upstairs. I’ve been following the housing market and it is not getting any better despite statements to the contrary in the press. I think they want to believe good news about the recovery but apparently the good news is more politically motivated news feeds than actual events. The whole cast for clunkers program is forcing up prices on the low end vehicles making them more expensive while people are cashing in old vehicles that have not run in years for the incentive money. Housing numbers are not reported totally in national news feeds — many are not reported at all and therefore while the numbers look good on first blush, a further evaluation reveals problems. We may be OK next spring to sell because our home is rather unique in location and looks. Only time will tell.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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