Fall Break

We started Fall Break with a little camping break and some doctor visits.  I love camping in that Antigua trailer — I actually hate to sell it – it has been great.  But with the prospect of travel around the country I can’t see us making it for a couple of years in that small camper!  Anyway we picked up some wood to start on the hallway storage closet and to paint and do the ceiling.  That is the goal for this next week.  I’ve never done a ceiling so this should be interesting.  Jessica should be here to build it with al her Americorps building experience she has gathered these past weeks.
We spent some time looking at 5th wheel campers and plan to look at some Class A or buses this coming week to sort of focus our plans a bit more.  The 5th wheel offers more space, bottom line.  More space and storage space.  The problem with the 5th wheel is that the vehicle towing the 5th wheel does not qualify as part of the “primary home” for tax purposes s therefore no tax break on any of the payments made.  With the Class A or bus, the entire thing qualifies.  Can’t decide — but we have some time left before we really have to.  We already decided that we would move into an apartment once we sell the house if we have to, to give us extra time to choose.  We’ll see.  I am emailing a family that retired from Germany back in August and they are traveling the states in a bus we may buy from them — you can follow this link to the Wahls Family and see them and their travels.


About bauernfeind

NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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