Recycling – Again

When we first moved into our home in Germany, I had approached our landlord and inquired about garbage cans for the house.  We had discovered from other Americans’ living there at the time that the landlord was the person responsible for bringing to the tenant the garbage cans based on the size of the family.  We were six strong so I figured at least four giant rubbermaid cans.  This can we now have in our kitchen, the small can at the top left of this blog, was the same size as the one he brought to us.  I thought it was perhaps a joke, or that they had daily trash pickup.  Nope that was it and the trash pickup was one day a week.
We soon discovered that the Germans recycled everything … everything.  There were no styrofoam cups, plastic garbage bags, or giant plastic wrappers around store products.  It reminded me of a story my father-in-law always told about the night his wife asked him to go to the local pharmacy to get her some Kotex while they were visiting Rome.  He searched and searched the store and could not find them until finally asking in desperation the woman pointed to a giant wire basket on the floor filled with hundreds of olive drab Kotex just lying in the basket.  No packaging.
We had shopped downtown our first week in Europe and went grocery shopping.  We placed our groceries on the counter, the lady rung us up … but there were no bags.  You brought your own or bought some at the store.
Forced recycling.  Works.
Now we will try anew … albeit with noticeably less people than the six we had living in our house in Germany, we will try once again.  After all it is necessary.  In the clothes bag like thing above we recycle — recyclable plastics, aluminum and tin (who the hell uses tin?), glass, other plastics that go with the recyclable plastic bags from the grocery (we now use cloth bags as often as possible), and small cardboard.  On the counter top we have a large glass jar for organic waste, newspaper and large cardboard goes outside.  Sounds like a bother, and perhaps it is but just something, like going to Mass, we are trying to get better at doing.  Of course once on the road this will not be as easy but we will continue to try our best.
We purchased the rest of the ceiling tiles for our mud-room and ceiling trim so as soon we get that project up and we paint the room that is another item off the to-do list!
We spent some more time reviewing the Class “A” versus Fifth-wheel debate and can’t seem to come to a conclusive answer.  I think the price will answer the issue ultimately.

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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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