Winter Ends

The big winter of 09/10 is drawing to a close as we sit on the door to March.  I did not get much of anything accomplished over the winter as I had planned.  Rebecca finished the upstairs bathroom,  painting the room and cleaning it up to make it “Real Estate” presentable.  We have a full week of school left before our “Spring Break” and my list of things to do is now a bit mroe manageable.  I’ve eliminated many smaller projects and narrowed the to-do list of critical items down to a manageable eight or ten.  I am hoping that by the end of March I will have the vast majority of things done and all that will be left is the moving of the rest of the “stuff” not deemed essential into storage – like the disaster of toys and other “stuff” that has accumulated in the study.
The task gets more difficult to begin with every passing week.  I don’t think it is hesitation to begin as much as reluctance to see it all end.  We’ve never lived anywhere this long and the house has sort of grown on us.  Expanded to fit all the kids at one point or another and flexible enough to allow two to live without feeling like they are rattling around in a giant empty home. 
We’ve been considering keeping the Tahoe and pulling a larger travel trailer — some of them are equipped as nicely as a fifth wheel.  I think we’ve eliminated the Class A / Bus idea.  Just not enough room and certainly not enough storage.  It is the storage part that is important in travel.  Just think of your pantry and all the food you keep in in — many Class “A” motor homes have one the size of a medicine chest if they have any.  The Tahoe runs well and has an engine that is a workhorse.  But we have time still.  We have to get through this real estate market first.
Hopefully our location and school selection will be a pivotal point in the sale of this home.  Time will tell –


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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