A year and a half!

Seems in the process of deciding between three blog sites, I was posting to a blog site that did not keep nor post my blogs!  You’d think I would have checked on it, after all it’s been since March 2010 that any record can be found, but once I post something I am usually on to the next thing and just assumed it was posting.  In fact the day I discovered these posts were not posting my sister Pat made the same discovery!  Not sure what that says about who really missed these posts, aside from my sister and a reader who really likes my food/recipes posted here and on blogger.  While this reader of my recipes always asks to convert my “guesstamates” into something he/she can use in Italy, at least they are mostly appreciative!

Anyway … I will attempt to fix the damage by going back and doing a summary couple of blogs to sort of play catch up.  And of course the first thing to talk about is the house …


About bauernfeind

NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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