Off to N. Carolina

Off to the Carolina coast tomorrow with the camper in tow and thankfully gas prices down just a little.  Looking forward to watching the sun rise over the Atlantic — been many years since we’ve had the opportunity.  Fort Fisher is a recreation area on the coast with plenty of RV slots and easy access to the beach!  Pray for good weather!

Our time with Amazon this year starts in late October  but they are looking for people to start earlier.  I’ve been conversing with a specialized rental agency in Nashville about the option I discussed here in a previous post.  The idea of renting to visiting families.  Seems it can be a good idea if  you keep up with the house between rentals.  I don’t know we’ll have to give it a try this year and see.Fort Fish main entrance sign

We have been through two real estate agents, well actually three.  Two from the same agency and another from an agency that will guarantee sale of the home in 90 days.  Problem with the 90 day sale is the changes you have to make to the home are too costly for the benefits.  I guess if you had to do that we would but I don’t think we really want to go that far.  Besides, investing more money to sell at the bottom line just is not palatable.  Anyway the house will be in limbo while we travel again, Rebecca will be here but we will not get to the short rental stage until we figure out the best times and amount to charge for the house.  Some people leave their cars for others to use while visiting, but I’m thinking our 97 Honda is not a great add-on treat!

I’ve not completely figured out this word press account completely.  The email subscription does not seem to be working or I’ve not broken the code yet.  I’ll continue to post this on twitter but not sure about other social forums … I really don’t have the time to answer all the questions I seem to get every time I post anything on Facebook and LinkedIn!

So until I post from the road … remember our recipe account on Blogger!



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