Carolina Coast

Well we made it to the coast and Ft Fisher National Seashore and military recreation area.

The trip today was an easy one but getting up this morning — wow, I think I was in a coma.  I did not wake up until 9!  I did take the dogs out at 5:30 and it was pretty outside.  Misty, with crystal like drops on the trees around our camper but after a little walk back in the camper and on the couch for a short snooze!  Too long a snooze!  Before we left I was talking with a neighbor camper and he was up from Florida.  He and his wife spend 5 weeks at this campground every year — it seems the events this campground offers are just super!  Anyway it seems this guy’s dad (and this guy by the way was 80 if he was a day) was born in Mt Juliet!  Unbelievable how you can meet complete strangers and walk into a connection to your own life.

Anyway the drive to the beach was not too eventful — we seem to have an antifreeze leak … again.  Last time it was the radiator cap that blew off and this time I think it is the lower hose.  I’m just going to give it some leak stop until I can get it back home and flush and fix it myself.

We did not get in in time to make it to the beach but it is the first thing tomorrow!


About bauernfeind

NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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