Sunset On Carolina Beach

A beautiful day on Carolina Beach. The ocean was really active, good size waves as you can see from this one beached whale wave surfing attempt! We spent the afternoon just lounging on the beach getting sand in as many orifices as possible and swimming in perfect temperature water! The sky was partially overcast and the air temperature in the mid-80s. Just wonderful!

The town and area are known also as “Kure Beach” and Fort Fisher. “Kure” as in “Cure” so people go here for the “Kure” Anyway the area is beautiful, small harbor with fishing boats for charter, larger party barges, plenty of touristy places, and beautiful views.

We took a break for an early dinner and wanted to be back at the beach for sunset — and yes I know sunset is in the other direction but the clouds over the atlantic at sunset are magnificent! Just before we left to go to the beach we got a text that the house was going to be shown! What luck. Rebecca was at somebody’s birthday party and had to head to the house to take her two dogs out and straighten out a bit before the showing. She made the observation that the house always seems to show when we are out-of-state — is there a message here?

Back on the beach Monica got herself a boogie board to keep herself stable. The waves and tow were knocking her over so with the board she can ride the waves! They have fireworks over the pier you can see down the beach in the photo on the right on Fridays as well as a host of activities. I think we will participate in a few of them throughout the week! As long as it does not interfere with swimming, sunning, or sleeping in!


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