Escaped Irene

We got our “eviction” notice on Thursday that the rec services were closing due to the storm and that we needed to leave by noon on Friday.  Well Thursday evening the town of Carolina Beach decided to declare a state of emergency starting at 6am on Friday morning so we had to leave early Friday and head inland!  We took off around 7am and went inland settling in at an Army FamCamp, called Lake Weston in South Carolina.  Lake Weston is an Army FamCamp of Fort Jackson.  Very nice place with level sites, brand new hook up facilities.  Unfortunately when we woke up this morning we had a flat on the camper and changing the tire was a bit of a challenge.

It was later than we had wanted to leave when we finally got on the road at 11:30 and headed toward Asheville, N.Carolina.  We wanted to make it a little further but after wrestling with the tire this morning we were exhausted.  Of course we have roadside assistance but didn’t use it … why I’m still not sure after thinking about it.

We are spending the night just West of Asheville at Bear Creek Campground.  Really nice, heated pool, all the amenities you’d want and need!


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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2 Responses to Escaped Irene

  1. Becky Gillis says:

    You guys are in Asheville?!?! I currently live in Asheville only like 10 mins from where ya’ll are staying! How are you guys?!

    • bauernfeind says:

      Doing great. Yea, here just for the night. We were exhausted after the last few days and now we are off to Mt Juliet again! We had a great time on the coast, it was actually prettier there then we had thought it would be so we were pleasantly surprised. But Irene chased us out a day early! How are you doing here – Asheville is such a beautiful city.

      Monica and Jim Bauernfeind 619 Noel Drive Mt Juliet TN 37122 Twitter: bauernfeind

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