Back home … ?

As we were driving back into Tennessee I was texting back and forth with my brother-in-law on Long Island.  He and my sister Mary Ellen live about mid-ways on the island and my other sister Pat also happens be on the island visiting her son and daughter, the daughter lives close to, dangerously close to, the shore given the storm approaching Long Island this morning.  Anyway as we approached our home in Mt Juliet, and reached the house I was especially interested to see if I got that feeling of coming home.  The comfortable feeling you get when you walk back into familiar setting, a house, a home, a room that makes you feel “at home.”  It did not happen.  Monica says it is because we’ve packed everything up in anticipation of selling the house (on the market more than a year now)and the house is now barren and cold.  Maybe.

A few years ago my sister Pat and I were talking about that concept of “home” — where was our home?  My sister Pat had moved upstate New York many years ago — but she knew her “home” was and always would be back on Long Island.  Back in the neighborhoods she grew up in and places her kids played in, and the places she worked.  I could not answer the question.  I do not feel as if there is any one place I can call home except wherever Monica and I happen to be at the time.  We just spent more than a week on Carolina Beach and it was wonderful.  I think that life in that RV traveling around is easily my home as any of the dozens of places we’ve lived in from Italy to Colorado, Germany to Florida.  I’ve perhaps traveled so much that it has rubbed the idea or concept of “home” as a set place off of me.  That home is more of a place I carry with me than an address I drive to.

News tonight is that despite power outages and some flooding in New York they seemed to have “weathered” the storm well.  Oddly upstate New York in the Catskill mountains there is widespread flooding, and many places in Pennsylvania flooding is quite a problem as well.


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