Alternative Rental Options

As a passing thought on Irene as she drifts out to sea, who would associate picturesque Vermont towns with hurricane damage? Unbelievable the size and strength of a storm that starts off the African coast moving at 10 to 15 knots can do to a small New England state, really hard to believe!

We’ve been tossing the rental options over and with September fast approaching we will need to make a decision about renting this house this fall.  One of the local rental agencies out of Nashville has been hot on our tails to allow them to rent the place.  Renting is a much more popular option than purchasing in today’s economy and this school district is a desirable one for couples with small children.  However we are leaning more toward the holiday rental option starting in March/April of 2012 where we rent the house out furnished with everything from sheets to plates all to visiting families to the Nashville area on a week or daily basis.  Only issue with this option is that you really can’t leave the area and travel because you have to come back and clean the house before the next rental family arrives; or of course hire a service to do this.  If you or if you know of someone who does this — rents out their home to vacationing families, email me or have them email me so I can ask some questions!

My sisters and their families fared well through the hurricane.  My sister Mary Ellen lost power for a little while but nothing of any note compared to what you would expect from a major storm and Pat and her family are all OK!  Pat took a trip out to see the RV site we will be using in September when we visit Long Island for my sister Mary Ellen’s son’s wedding, and she could not get into the park because of downed trees!  A park person told her all would be cleaned up in no time and certainly in time for our scheduled visit!  You’ve not done anything until you’ve towed a 31ft RV through NY City!


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