Nephews Wedding Trip

We pulled out of Nashville on Monday morning for our trip to Long Island.

We pushed the hardest on the first day of travel, we always do when we take off on a multiple-day trip. In our youth we would make this trip in a day — a really long day, about 18 hours, about 950 miles. Then in middle age we started stopping half-way, which for this trip is the Roanoke area of Virginia, the James River is the exact halfway point for our trip. Now with a camper in-tow, we take three days to make the trip! Like the song goes, “I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was” and that once works out to be around 300 miles with an RV!

We spent the first night in this park called “Dixie Caverns” and Monica started whistling the theme song from “Deliverance” because all the RVs there were old and rusty, scary looking things! Thankfully we travel with our own bathroom because their facilities looked “well used” to say the least!
Our second night found us in Pennsylvania, absolutely beautiful countryside, pastoral is the word I am looking for, and the campground itself was very pretty.

The last day opt the trip up, the trip through the city was the shortest part but often takes us the longest because of traffic and reduced speed. Two tolls to cross into the city the toll crossing the George Washington Bridge was $32, and the Throggs Neck Bridge was $18, nothing cheap about visiting the island! That and with gas above $4 a gallon in spots, we love to visit but it really wears out a pocketbook quickly!


Now we are settled in Indian Island Campground out on the island, Jessica flew in and we picked her up at LaGuardia Airport so she could be with us at my sister’s son Ryan’s wedding on Friday. We are “representing” the rest of the Tennessee family who could not attend because of work, family, or other commitments! We’ll be back on the road Sunday headed south toward DC for a brief visit with one of my daughter’s old school friend.


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