Camper Dogs

One of our traveling companion yorkies, Meiko, has decided to take up residence on the western facing window in the sun between our two recliners at the back of the camper.

We just got back from a training trip to Nashville where I spent two and a half days in training with a consulting company. I’ve elected to go with them and will begin work with this educational consulting group next week. I still have a four day shift to do here in Campbellsville Kentucky with Amazon. The comparison between the two types of jobs could not be more opposite. On one hand the job at Amazon, where the thinking is very much inside the box, where following instructions implicitly without thought is mandatory, where deviation from a set walking route even is verboten, is in a word (if there is such a word) mindless. There are no decisions to be made just orders to be followed. The job essentially is the fulfillment of Amazon’s customer on-line order(s) and all that process entails in a three-quarter of a million square foot facility.

The consulting group work is intellectual, with a sprinkling of public relations, personal counseling, and motivational speaking. Thee consulting work in and of itself can be all consuming if one allows oneself to become consumed. That is an issue I have to fight with. I’ve worked since I was 12, 11 actually but my social security reporting did not start until I was 12, and full time employment at 18 for about 45 years of full time employment. I’m not looking for a third career. Many retirees do. Many retirees long for the full time relationships with colleagues, the camaraderie of the workplace, the meaningful life that some people see employment as giving you. I don’t. I am very happy with me and with my wife Monica we are a formidable team. I enjoy her company all the time so work is not a relationship I need. Anyway too off topics of our camper dogs. I don’t know as I look at them is if they envy the animals they see out running in the fields behind us their freedom, or if they feel sorry for them as they enjoy the warmth of the sun and a full belly with two human companions they love.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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