Stahe, Germany

Christmas Cards are as much a joy to send and receive and as years go by, become an all important link to friends and family.  Military families, many career military families live a very different lifestyle with “family” worldwide.  We lived  for a little more than 4 years as family members to wonderful people on Am Taubenberg, in Stahe, Germany.

Our landlord, Herr Johann Grosswardt, lived next door to us and served as our German Opa helping us acclimate to the culture and history of his part of the world.  He told us about his life during the war, his family history, introduced me to German electricity and construction.  His gardens were beautiful, his wife lovely, his patience with us endearing.

We were fortunate a few years ago to visit with him and his beautiful home and gardens.


A Christmas letter arrived today from Germany.  The Grandson of Herr Grosswardt wrote to us (in English as most Europeans can function in more than one language,) to inform us that his grandfather passed away this past August.  It was a profound sadness we experienced as we read the letter.  Our last day with him, seen in the picture above, was filled with happiness and tears.  He cried telling us of the passing of his wife, and we all cried when it was time to leave because we enjoyed his company so much and our memories of our life in Germany was Wunderbar!

So to Herr Grosswardt’s family, and our extended family on Am Taubenberg, in Stahe, Germany — unser Beileid.  Wir lieben und vermissen euch alle.




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