Puppy Love


At 0350 on Friday morning Marlie, due on Sunday, I wake to Marlie trying to scratch a hole in my head. Digging furiously I of course sharp as a tack at that our did not have a clue what was going on, but was able to move enough and make enough noise that woke Monica. She grabbed Marlie and holding her nether region carries her out to the living room (humor us please — yes we have a living room in our camper!) I in the meantime fell back into a coma until she comes running back into the bedroom (yes we have a real bedroom) yelling “we’re having babies!” OK now as a 63 or 64 year old man, perhaps the last phrase after “Thats all we can do for him!” you want to hear is that your post-menopausal wife has just given birth in your camper. As I sat up, with what Monica describes as a “mummy face” on, I noticed that my thigh, crotch, and stomach area was soaking wet. I began to wonder if she meant I had given birth? Perhaps I’m missing a kidney or worse, the family jewels! Home Invasion!

Soon it became obvious to me the Marlie popped her water bag on me! April Fools two days early!
So began the process of helping with the birth, weighing the pups, and making sure all were healthy. One by one, 30 minutes to a hours apart, three girls and two boys were born.


First born was a male weighing in at 4.2 oz,

the second a girl at 5.07 oz (a fatso), followed by another girl at 3.9 oz then a boy at 4.0 oz. The last, and the runt, a girl at 2.59 oz.


All are doing great and will be looking for homes soon!


About bauernfeind

NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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