New Campground

We needed to move from Raccoon Mtn RV park to make way for a bluegrass festival that had the campground reserved for its members.

We moved north of the schools I’ve been working with, across the plateau to the other side in a brand new RV park Blue Water RV Resortin Dayton, TN on the Tennessee River.



The drive here was beautiful, but the last turn, up a very steep hill on a secondary road was a bit hectic. I don’t know what the exact angle of the hill was but the motor-coach did not get out of 2nd gear nor above 15 mph on the trip up! The total distance could not be more than a half mile, but it was a strenuous half mile for the beast!
This place is very pretty. As I type this, this is the view out our bay window.

Here’s another looking down to the boat dock and general store.

Not too shabby. But being new has its drawbacks and for one is the lack of trees. Without that shade I’m afraid summer here would be too hot although a quick swim in the river/lake would be refreshing!
We’ve been full-timers now for seven months and to date I’d have to say we’ve rarely a problem too big for either Monica or I to handle. It does force you to take a moment and enjoy where you are: We had those moments in our backyard in Mt. Juliet, but nowhere near as many as now.
The pups are another story however. Talk about a rolling bundle of yapping pups, one earlier today, we think it was Teddy junior, reared back and howled a bit!

Soon they’ll be gone — on to new mom’s and dad’s — and for Marlie (the mom) none too soon! I guess if my tits were dragging the ground I’d be ready for it to be over too!

We are talking to another realtor. We’ll meet with him in a week and put the house back on the market. This time with a lease/purchase agreement. I’ve been told leasing is the most popular option now so we’ll give this a shot!


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  1. pat says:

    now you need a boat

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