May Day

On May Day (May 1st) in Geilenkirchen Germany our last year there, I woke up earlier than usual to some noise outside my house. When I got outside it took me a little while to discover someone had planted a sapling in the chimney of the house and decorated it with a teddy bear and hearts, and crepe paper as streamers. I was clueless. Now we lived in Napoli, Italia for a few years and then in our fourth year in Germany and this had never happened to us before.

But then again we never had a teenage girl in our house before and now Christina, then 14 or 15, was obviously the target of some boys affection. (See the section on May Day in Germany on the link above) If I remember right she was mortified! Nobody displays their affections that way! For all to see!

But as Monica reminded me, she would have felt worse if someone had not noticed her! May Day is celebrated world-wide in one form or fashion, but the experience we had in Germany was truly a memorable one.

The Maypole, decorated in every town and village was decorated in our small village of Stahe, and there were all sorts of booths and kids games plus a parade! I will say I’d never experienced more parades then those in Germany. It seemed there was one every other month, most of them religious celebration of one type or another. All religions were celebrated, all seasons, and if there was a soccer game around, then it was a really big deal.


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2 Responses to May Day

  1. pat says:

    There was a big May Day celebration here in Syracuse NY today. All I know is it started at dawn and was about the coming seasons planting and bountiful crops.

  2. bauernfeind says:

    And I believe the idea is all about spring, flowers, love,etc. yet in some parts of our country — we seem confused!

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