We attended our grandson John’s kindergarden graduation yesterday in Smith County.

The place was packed with proud parents and grandparents as the kids performed dance and song to tunes like New York, New York changed to “FIrst Grade, First Grade” to the delight of everyone.
John’s Graduation Video I
Video II
John spent a few months at my old high school in the school’s day care center and soon became a force to be reckoned with when he set off the school’s fire alarm that sent 2,000 students into the street. Another time he cold-cocked some other little tike in the day care center around some crayon incident, and once in the elevator he managed to activate the emergency response apparatus when he pressed the emergency button in the elevator.
He tested in the top percentile in his k-garden class however, further proof that the smarter the kid the more difficult they are in school if school is not challenging.


I did not have kindergarden as a kid. Believe me the 8 years I spent with the nuns was more than enough.

The form and function of kindergarden (German for children’s garden/play area) certainly has changed over the years making it a vital educational and perhaps more importantly social structure start to school than ever before.


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