Do Not Remove This Label

Next to me sits a woman working on a vintage Dell and all the original stickers are still on her laptop. You know the information about speakers, the version of Windoze, silly stuff. Like the labels attached to your pillows and mattress. We are afraid to remove those labels because it says “do not remove!” What could be simpler to understand? After all we are used to all sorts of signs telling us what to do. We are followers of rules — we are boomers.

What’s wrong with that anyway? It maintains order and discipline, something sorely lacking in our society today. Imagine the discipline and fortitude it takes to identify one best player on the youth soccer team instead of everyone.

What if we did what we were supposed to do as an orderly society? What if we paid our taxes, recognized achievement and corrected failures? What if parents enforced societal rules for proper behavior, dress, and appearance?

20120530-154859.jpg Of course the immediate question this raises is “whose societal rules?” Whose “dress and appearance” standards? The answer I guess would be the rules governed by our state and local governments and the economic machine that drives this government. If you work as a secretary for a law firm on Madison Avenue, I’m guessing that you must dress in a way that reflects the professionalism of that office. A tattoo of a snake that runs up your arm around your neck and down your chest would not be an acceptable body adornment in that position. Society agrees. As a client I do not want to see that type of a person behind the desk when I enter. I would worry about the quality of legal representation I was purchasing. Now if I saw her flipping burgers at the local greasy spoon, perhaps not so disconcerting. None-the-less, I would feel better if the person was without such body art (not really art anyway.)



So what’s the point … I guess my point is just one that has been echoed by parents, older parents, for years. What’s wrong with things today? Is it something I did? Is this my fault? Is there something I should have done better? What can we do as a people? I often wonder if this is a common problem across the board. Everyone’s family, all students, all youth sports? Does everyone have a Kindergarden graduation? A first grade “promotion” ceremony? Is all this just crazy — or is it just me?



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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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