Ozone Falls and a Treehouse

On our move from Dayton TN up to Nashville a bit ago we spent the night at a KOA in Crossvillle. I don’t know why some campgrounds insist on chopping down all their trees but it makes for an unappealing campsite in an otherwise prettty area.

Ozone Falls is just east of the KOA on highway 70. Highway 70 runs the length of Tennessee and is for all practical purposes, the Route ’66 of Tennessee. It connects Memphis to Nashvillle to Knoxville and hundreds of little communities along the way. Well a few miles east of this KOA, easily missed if you don’t watch for the small government sign is Ozone Falls. No tourist stands, nobody waving you in to park, just a few parking spots on the side of the road to this local favorite swimming hole and fallls.



Heading out in the opposite direction from this same KOA, headed west on 70, hop on I-40 and get off at the Genesis exit in Crossville. Making a right and then a right at the first turn you head down this road for about a half a mile to where the road takes a sharp right curve. Again, no marking on the entrance to this treehouse, on the left you’ll see Beehive road. Take this road and after it turns to a gravel road in about a half mile you’ll see the treehouse ahead.

Built over several years by an individual relying on donations, the first thing that strikes you is … is it safe?


Built in and around a few giant trees, the steps up are at some point narrow and steep. Donations are accepted, and the treehouse boasts a small chapel in the center and a garden dedicated to Jesus in the back!





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