In the woods!

Our days were filled with fun for our week in Sandy Creek. I’d get up in the mornings to walk the dogs along the back of the property line and felt the cool breeze and you could smell the water in Lake Ontario just down the block.



Their backyard is like a graveyard for lawnmowers.

20120626-081039.jpg One afternoon we rode through the park that is just across the street from their place.


20120626-081200.jpgWe also spent a day at the beach. A beautiful place with tables, grills, and plenty of trees for shade.



20120626-081808.jpg I think I’ve said this before but this and all the Great Lakes are more like seas than lakes! A lake for the most part is a “manageable” (in my brain) body of water. This is not. The water itself had like a million pockets of really warm water followed by the cold – it was wonderful! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and we had to hit the road to get back for a few doctor’s appointments


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