Vineyards and Farms

Most people, especially those who travel infrequently or only travel inside their comfort zone, would be surprised to discover that for example, NY has the largest state park in the US. As we left upstate NY for our journey south we were amazed at the number of vineyards along Lake Ontario and Lake Eire’s southern border.

20120626-094325.jpgWe don’t think we’ve seen as many vineyards since the Mosel River in Germany’s heartland.

20120626-094425.jpgWe enjoyed excellent weather and a couple of beautiful RV parks as we made our way south. Now while it was warm for a few days the weather had turned cooler and we really enjoyed the night in a KOA Park right across from the lake.



After leaving NY we drove along lake Erie still marveling at the number of vineyards but once we hit Ohio, it took first place away from Pennsylvania as the state with the worst roads! Good grief the roads were nasty! Once into Kentucky everything smoothed out for a while.


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