An Early Fall

The sweltering summer heat setting records no matter where you go (except the North West) has changed the landscape throughout the month of June and into early July. We were talking to a Park Ranger who commented that it was like late September and early October with all the trees losing their leaves.


20120706-090553.jpg While the temps soared we cannot really complain too much because you can’t really say you are “camping” when you’re in a motor home with two bathrooms, a kingsize bed in the bedroom, two air-conditioners, — you get the idea. Anyway we spent most of our time while at Cedar Creekin Mt Juliet going to various doctor’s appointments as such is the curse of old age. The campground hosts at Cedar Creek are the crabbiest most inhospitable people I’ve ever met at a park. Twice while pulling to the gate just before closing the host was closing the gate early just as we got there. Never turned around, said boo, or pound sand, nothing: Just closed the gate in front of us! Cedar Creek is a Federally managed area, nice park and good location just unhappy people looking after it this season! No matter we left there and headed to our favorite state park in this state anyway, Edgar Evins.

20120706-091359.jpgAll the sites are on these giant decks that are in some cases, suspended over a cliff with a vertical drop of over 100 feet. Looking out the front window of the coach you see nothing but air and trees – as in this photo out the front window.

20120706-091551.jpgOur goal while here was to get as much small things done as we could and enjoy the peace and quiet but that did not last long!





20120706-091855.jpgChristina brought the boys out to see Oma and Opa, play on the playground across the street and swim in the lake. We spent some time with Jessica and talked with Rebecca as she is going through her last full week of training as a Davidson County Sheriff.

20120706-092040.jpgWe really enjoyed them and they came out the next night and stayed the night! I don’t remember cartoons being so graphic! Ever watch Scooby Doo and see the waist and size of the boobs on the blonde girl? Yikes!


20120706-092355.jpgWell it is time to move on — we are going to head to the Smokies for a little while, cool off in the rivers, make like a tourist for a bit before heading back to Nashville for another round of dr visits and some consulting work that begins again soon.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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