Cades Cove

We did not know until visiting Cades Cove yesterday that the term “cove” used in these parts means valley between mountains.

20120710-092203.jpgGrowing up on Long Island to me a cove was a small inlet of water, an indent in the side of a lake, I was unaware of the term’s other use. Like in a dictionary when you see other definitions of a word.

20120710-092449.jpgWildlife was everywhere. We were even stopped for a while on the one way loop through the cove because someone spotted a bear. Another lesson – these bears live in the trees! Maybe we were just late coming to the game but we were looking on the ground as most I am sure were.


20120710-092827.jpgThe loop through the Smokies and into the cove is 11 miles and part of it a one-way loop during the peak season can get pretty busy.

20120710-093123.jpgJust a few days before our visit there was a severe thunderstorm with straight line winds that closed the park for a few days. Trees down everywhere made the damage apparent.


20120710-093311.jpgBesides deer, which by the way has recovered from a low of only 100 in population about 75 years ago to a healthy herd now, and black bear, the woods are filled with elk, red fox, otter in the creeks, and of course all kids of birds. A beautiful place in the Smokies.



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