We finally received a nice bid on our house – now whether the couple will accept our counter offer is to be determined. The sale of this “house” brings up many mixed emotions especially in my children. To Jessica and to some extent Rebecca it is the only real “home” they remember and to James and Christina it is just a passing place to stay. Our military lifestyle for 27 years moved us from place to place almost every 3 years. James was born in Missouri, Christina in Texas, John (our son who died at 7 months) was born in Arkansas, Rebecca in New York, and Jessica in Naples, Italy. So their definition of where their “home” is, is quite different. I actually have lived the longest in Tennessee although you cannot tell it by my NY accent. Monica’s life is the same as our kids; she was born in Louisiana to Army parents, where she calls “home” is difficult to establish. Now I am not talking about right now where I call home, because we both call our motorhome “home” but you know, when asked where is your home to us it is sometimes difficult to answer.

20120728-102642.jpgMy sister Pat and I had a discussion about where “home” is and to her it is and always will be on Long Island where we grew up and where she lived for many years before moving upstate NY. I on the other hand do not have a place I call home. We will be buried in Tennessee because that is where our son John is buried, in the National Cemetery in Nashville. But I do not have a particular allegiance to any one place.


20120728-103313.jpgTo be honest the closest I can come to thinking of a place I would call home would be where we last lived in the military, a small town called Stahe in Germany Located just a few kilometers from NATO Airbase in Geilenkirchen, Germany this place served as our “Camelot” period of our lives and was the most rewarding for me and speaking for Monica, for her as well. So to speak of our “house” in Mt Juliet as our home is really a tough one. We have lived there the longest of any place in either of our lives. But time moves on … no matter how much love and $ you sink into a place when you are dead and gone, the new people are going to rip our your garden anyway. So here’s to hope – that the “house” sells!


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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  1. pat says:

    So true…Good luck to you….You need a break…Love ya !!!

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