We are not antique type people. We’ve only visited three or four that I can ever remember. So this visit to this store in Celina, Tennessee was more out of just nothing else to see and curiosity to see what was in this antique looking of an antique store.

20120730-102952.jpgIt was arraigned as if different families brought in their stuff and set them in different sections of the store. The store was two small stores combined and as you walk the aisles you’d often see the same item(s) repeated half a dozen times.



20120730-103337.jpgBesides the smell of “old” I don’t get the “why” of antiques? Why would I want some dead person’s stufff?

20120730-103533.jpgIn fact looking toward the light in the store … I see dead people!

20120730-103628.jpgThe other problem I have is that often the things considered antiques are either items I have currently or have had in the past. So going through the store as younger people would come up behind me and touch something and ask aloud, “What was this for?”

20120730-103837.jpgI’d find myself answering … “It is an ashtray and when you put out your cigarette you would push down on the black knob and it would spin the ashes and butt into the bottom!” Imagine that, I am now an antique authority like my grandfather was to me. He had an attic full of all sorts of neat things that often he would not or could not talk about because they were from WWI and his service there was too painful to discuss, but he had many items of old cars he’d let me hold and even play with years ago. I know there are many treasures amongst the antiques, but most of them are in the hearts and minds of the past.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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