One of the things we do while traveling that we really enjoy besides all the sightseeing, is to go to local churches. One of the great things about being a catholic is that from one continent to another no matter where you roam the Sunday Mass is the same wherever. We don’t have to sit anywhere special, learn a new procedure, or be confused about the process, it is always the same. That being said, the buildings and the people are of course always different.

20120730-093221.jpgHere in Celina, Tennessee sits this small “Mission” church of St Andrew’s parish in Livingston, TN. Now this church inside had none of the splendor of say the Jesuit Church in Lucerne, Switzerland but for a really small community (about 25 members total) the inside was perfect. Stain glass for the cross, regular pews with kneelers, polished oak ceiling and clean as a whistle! Everyone had a part from the (I believe) Franciscan Brother who sang to the various readings and necessary assistance given throughout the Mass. Beautiful in its simplicity. This area is so sparsely settled, we traveled for many miles through these plateau hills without seeing anyone, not even telephone lines. The town of Celina itself is nothing but a four-way stop sign. The courthouse is in the center with a number of small shops surrounding it. One of these shops was an antique store and as soon as I load the photos I”ll tell you about it.


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