I”m not sure but I believe “Normal” is a town in Oklahoma. I’ve always been annoyed by the term Normal in reference to people. Ever since Sister Ignatius took me into the hallway for the beginning of my seemingly weekly beating for some infraction or the rules in second grade, I knew I was not Normal. Not Conventional. If you gathered all the young boys together who were just starting to crawl to those who are in their 40’s and still single I can guarantee that none of them get up in the morning thinking of who they would have at their wedding, the type of cake, where it would be, the time of year. None. Yet gather that same group of females together and back up, because the eggs are flying. It is Normal it seems to be married, have kids and live a “conventional” life. While I live a quasi-regular life, I do not necessarily believe in it. Believe in it in the sense that my type of life or my beliefs are the only type to believe in. You could work for travel money and move to one of the many deserted islands and live a perfectly happy life. You could work and live a solitarily life in the middle of Paris. You could live with three people. You could live with monkeys.
There is a movement afoot, actually a repeat movement but that’s ok, of women authors and speakers telling the world that men are expendable. Actually I think there’s movie out. That women no longer need our services. That we are (and I am talking for all men) superfluous to the continuation of everything Normal! I’m fine with that. I think it’s like underwear. I wear an undershirt and it has to be tucked into my underwear. Some people, some men, don’t wear undershirts. I don’t think they are Normal. I think they are subversive.
Ever consider Einstein’s hair? Now that is not Normal. What about Dolly’s waist. I think Normal is a confusing concept we try to impose on young people setting many of them up for failure. We assign grades for being Normal in school. Our church leaders profess that Normal is your goal, and political parties, one in particular the Republican party, does not want you if you are not Normal (except if you have big $$)
I applaud the different approach to life, all of them. I am envious of the adventurers who give of themselves selflessly and go out into the world actually doing good instead of worrying about how their hair looks for church. If you think of all the very famous people, they are famous because they were not Normal. In looks, actions, deeds, they did something differently. Something never seen before. I don’t think training a nation of brown shirts is what we need. Now I do accept the fact that Normal is also a code for living inside your box. And to some people if things and life were not Normal they would be frightened, unsure, and so for these huddled masses that type of life is an acceptable path. But the rest of you, quit trying to be Normal. Get your head out of your abnormal ‘arse and go do something that makes life worth all the pain and agony it has as a functioning part of it. Go to an island, go live someplace else, drop your underwear and at least for a while be anything but Normal. It may be the one trip you take that your will remember, or be remembered for, your whole life through.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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