There are many religions around the world, everybody has their own idea of who God is and what should be his/her name. From this image when you get done counting up all the separate Protestant clans and add them to the Catholic you’ll see that Christianity seems to be the predominant religious view with Islam and Hinduism right behind. Now it seems all religions have their group of morons. Idiots running around in the middle of the night with white sheets on terrorizing people of color, Catholics/Jews, etc. Other groups running en-mass doing that tongue thing where they slap their tongues to the roof of their mouths — I can’t do it — it’s like ah-la-la-la-la-la-la! I’ve never seen a group of Hindu people doing moronic things though, nor the Jews? I know historically if you took the Christian bible or the Jewish Torah literally, it would seem that after all the begetting of one another they always seems to be fighting someone. What action film doesn’t have some good fights in it?

If you look at the world map to see where most of these nut-job religious wackos come from, it apparently is a product of the environment because they live around the middle hemisphere. Think about it, how many Canadians have you heard of strapping a bomb around their waist and demanding more moose burgers in Saskatchewan? It’s got to be the heat. Every biblical reference is in some desert somewhere. Moses didn’t go to the top of the ski slopes in Colorado. The Jews didn’t cross the lush green valley in Ireland. Mohammed was digging sand out of his sandals most nights and not unlacing his LL Bean boots. So the heat has got to be a major player in this last major wave of Islamic fanaticism. But even in the heat, why is it that some people go crazy if the member of their deity team is maligned in the press or in this case a movie? Think about it, a move for God’s sake.

20120918-090951.jpg The problem could be a result of confusing family ties. Looking at this family religion chart, it would be confusing for say a small boy living in a Yurt on some Pacific atoll, to look at the chart and find his place on the chart. But that alone cannot be motivation for him to go screaming and attack a banana plant. There is only one thing that connects all the religious idiots, the Klan, the Islamic fanatics, the Crusades, and that is ignorance. If religious leaders would spend a tenth of the amount of time educating their people, instead of trying to convert/punish/bring guilt to their flock of flounders, perhaps the number of these religious outcasts would diminish.


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2 Responses to Fanaticism

  1. ME says:

    You’ve never seen a group of Jewish people running around doing moronic things? Have you not seen Seinfeld? Missed (my heroes) the Marx Brothers? Forgot about The 3 Stooges? Oy vey!

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