What is it exactly that we like about the leaves as they change in the fall.

20121005-102121.jpg(Cumberland Mtn State Park, TN)
For that matter, why is it we like the autumn? What comes next is old man winter with its stew of wet, cold, damp. There’s even a seasonal sadness associated with this time of year. People get depressed, sad, it seems the lack of daily sunshine brings this on.

20121005-103146.jpg (Edgar Evins, State Park, TN)
When I was a puppy I lived with my grandfather for a short period of time. Twice a day on the school bus I would watch as the tree starting at its’ crown turned shades of orange, red, purple, and eventually, with the tree was in full color, the crown of the tree lost all of its leaves just like an old man in the fall of his life. All through my high school years I would watch that tree, and years later, whenever I visited Long Island, I’d make it a point to visit my old friend.

20121005-103949.jpg(Cedar Creek, TN)
Fall is my favorite time of the year. I welcome the cool crisp air. The smell of books as school opens. The chance to use the afghan Monica’s grandmother made. Cookies in the oven. Perhaps I like it so much because of the past. Memories of times when things were easier for me. Simple. Holidays. No more summer.

20121005-104644.jpg(Center Hill Dam, TN)
I remember piles of leaves in the backyard in Mineola. Ice skating on Gibbs Pond. Fall’s promise is I can relive all those memories and that the comming winter may offer these and more one more time.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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