We are within a few days of our first anniversary as RV full-timers. A designation held by very few. While there are many people who own some form of Recreational Vehicle (RV), not many of them live in it nor would they want to live in their RV.

In the 80’s we met with a financial advisor who had us go through an exercise where we worked on immediate and future plans. Our future plans centered on owning an RV we could live in and travel the country. You see travel is a part of us; we’ve lived in several states, in Italy and in Germany. We’ve traveled all across Europe and once retired we wanted to do the same here.

20121007-115059.jpg (Fall Creek Falls, TN)
We both were early campers with our parents. I camped every summer with my dad and sisters in WIldwood State Park, on Long Island. Monica remembers summers on Percy Priest Lake in Tennessee. After we were first married we camped — now that was regular tent camping, all along the Florida coast. We continued camping through all the four kids, from Missouri to Colorado, to Texas. It is just a different way to communicate with nature.

20121007-115942.jpg(Kure Beach, S.Carolina)
Last night Monica looked over at me and remarked how great our life is, how interesting, how meaningful. Yesterday we traveled through the Cherokee National Forest, to North Carolina and then back through Georgia. This morning I sit drinking coffee looking at the sun rise over the Hiwassee River.

20121011-085626.jpg(Border of Georgia/Tennessee. Towns of Copperhill, TN and McCaysville, GA)
If life is more about the journey than the destination, our life has been quite a trip! We’ve learned quite a bit about this traveling life and each other. We’ve always been best friends, you cannot travel like this unless you are! We meet all sorts of people along the way, most of them fellow travelers who are more courteous and friendly than anyone you’d meet in a traditional neighborhood. Campers are like that. They look out for each other, help without judgement, share without expectation of recompense. Our future plan (once our long range but now our immediate future plan) is to travel for the next four to five years. Cover the country to include a trip to Alaska and a journey to Newfoundland. Perhaps we’ll see some of you along the way, in the meantime I hope life offers you some opportunities to get out and meet people, travel and see the world and discover that we are all truly the same. In the meanwhile if you see our coach, honk and wave!



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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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