The idea of an ideal life and a place to live it has been the dream of novelists and movie makers forever. But the truth is that Camelot, that place in time where things are just going great for you really does exist. Too much of what is written on social networks and the news is just depressing. It’s as if fun and good times no longer exist — Everyone has their Camelot.

20120919-112620.jpg Ours was from 1990 to 1994 in a small German village called Stahe, just outside Geilenkirchen, Germany. We lived in a very small German community, next to a small dairy farm, where everyone in the houses surrounding us was family and we were their family. I worked at the NATO Airbase there and rode my bike to work daily, 4.5 miles each way in all types of weather.

20120919-112855.jpg Northern Germany, the Netherlands, and that portion of Europe have more bicycle/walking trails, all paved, than they do roads. Fresh bread, vegetables, and meat were delivered daily. Everything was recycled. The local Gasthaus served excellent food and beer, the kids played in a kinderplatz provided in every community we ever visited. Our lives were daily walks, horseback riding lessons, town and village celebrations. The idea of Camelot is a combination of age, place, health and wealth. When these forces combine the result is a peaceful, relaxing and rewarding time in one’s life.

20120919-110448.jpgWhile living in Germany we had to opportunity to give Monica’s parents a 40th Anniversary gift with a trip to see us over the Christmas holidays. Christmas markets are a sight to behold in Germany.

20120919-110755.jpgThere is a kid’s magic alive then and a special feel it. Everyone in the town decorated and celebrated the holidays. We rode a Christmas train in our village to the next and watched through frosted window panes as St Nikolaus and Swartz Peter caught up to the train in a sleigh. The train stopped to let them on and everyone drank hot chocolate and sang carols — it was magic.

20120919-111748.jpgMonica’s parent’s stories of their time in Germany in the early 60’s revealed to us that they too, lived their Camelot while assigned to Stuttgart, Germany. Our family life was filled with daily trips either a bike ride, train, or by car, but always to seek out new places and new adventures.

We are approaching our 40th anniversary and while we spent our 25th in Paris, France this one I think we’ll try a Mediterranean cruise. Our second Camelot we are currently living. This RV lifestyle allows us to meet so many people, visit small towns and villages, ride my bike in the parks, and just enjoy life. Germany however, with the family will always be our special time and perfect place.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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