PumpkinTown festival is Athens, Tennessee seasonal celebration. As one would expect there were plenty of vendors and bands set up around the town square and the county seat.

The weather could not have been any prettier, with sky’s hosting cotton candy clouds and temperatures in the low 70’s. Sometimes you take your life in your hands eating the food at these places but the various vendors were set up in an orderly and clean fashion so we decided to try the fare. Monica’s all-time favorite is the powered sugar coated waffle called Funnel Cake and mine of course the sausage!

But the problem with this PumpkinTown festival was the lack of pumpkins! Not a pumpkin to be found. Not a real one, a plastic one, a carved one, nada-zip-zero-nothing. Like the Applefest we went to a few weeks ago that had only two booths with apples, this one is worse without a single pumpkin booth? The signs leading up to it have pumpkins on them, the web site has pumpkins on them, and of course the name of the festival “PumpkinTown” lends one to believe there will be pumpkins?

20121014-102837.jpgSmall town America seems to be grasping for something to wrap its arms around to give it an identity that will draw visitors to the town, spend some money, stay awhile.

It would probably be a better idea to find out what it is that makes their town special to the people who live in it, and celebrate that.


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