Elizabethan Gardens


On the island of Roanoke in the quaint village of Manteo are gardens dedicated to the first colony of settlers and dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II.

Cool most of the summer because of the overlapping trees and bushes, this several acre garden has some of the most beautiful plants, bushes, and trees. We spent almost three hours just walking the paths and taking in the sights.

The flower below this next picture is considered one of the original hydrangea flowering bush called a lace cap hydrangea. I will tell you they are beautiful, standing about 4 feet high on average with delicate purple, blue, pink, and white flowers.





Trying out her knee for the first time for more than a short walk in a store, Monica had little trouble walking. Here she’s taking a brief rest looking over the sunken gardens famous for wedding photography.

The snowflake hydrangea was equally beautiful just not as delicate as the lace cap. I did not realize Jasmine was a vine, but as you can see from the picture below the hydrangea, it is a giant vine almost completely enveloping this loblolly pine.







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One Response to Elizabethan Gardens

  1. Emma OBX says:

    Thanks for sharing the images from your trip. Glad you saw The Elizabethan Gardens!

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