A I get older the beach seems to appeal to me more. In younger days, I spent many a day and night on the beaches of Long Island. If I was not fishing, I was drinking beer with friends.

I like to watch the waves now. I watch Monica stroll up and down looking for treasures. She always finds some.

The beach here in Rodanthe we often have all to ourselves. Well us and the billions of fish looking at us from the other side.

Between spending time on the beach and in the small coastal towns, life seems so easy, so at peace.


And for some excitement, sometimes people get caught up in what they’re doing and need a water rescue!



Meanwhile we’ll continue to scour the beaches for hidden pirate treasure!




About bauernfeind

NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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2 Responses to Beach

  1. Grace says:

    How long are you going to be in coastal NC. I live about an hour away in Edenton, If you’re hear past Sunday afternoon call and I’ll give you directions. It would be sad not to try and meet if you’ll be close.

    • James Bauernfeind says:

      Grace, Great to hear from you! We are scheduled to meet with some family on Monday and then leave that afternoon or Tuesday morning headed south! I did not know you moved here? When did you do that? What are you doing? How are you and your family?


      James Bauernfeind Tennessee Academic Specialist 615.351.4802 Maj. USAF (Ret.) or 401 Church Street, Suite 2420 Nashville, Tennessee 37219

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