The first frost of the season settled in middle Tennessee just yesterday. It is easy to see where the frost settles from our high vantage point in the coach, and the particular spot we have at Countryside RV Park in Lebanon, TN.

In our recent travels through middle and eastern Tennessee we’ve noticed that the amount of these ground webs seems to have increased. We don’t know if the reduction in the squirrel population this season has anything to do with it but these spiders are indeed busy across all the fields.

Out our window this stop the sun was painting the sky all sorts of color –always much prettier sky’s as the colder and clearer northern air flows across the south eastern states.

When I was a puppy, in the fall on Long Island, the morning school bus would pick me up on Eckland Blvd. and we’d turn left on to Brown’s road and as soon as we would make that turn there was a giant oak off to the right I”d watch every day amazed at the color change in the leaves. It was not until years later, having returned for a brief period of time to that same house on Eckland Blvd, I would ride my bicycle to college and I’d pass that tree. But not I noticed that the leaves that changed first and were the first to fall, were the first to greet the sun every morning. This tree sitting on a small hill here in middle Tennessee just across from our coach experiencing the same natural change. The sun hitting these leaves first in the moirning, they are the one’s changing color and many are dropping already.
They announced a freeze warning for tomorrow …. winter knocking! Let’s hope for snow in the Cherokee Mountains!


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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