Rivers and Mountains

Weekends I like walking the pups along the Hawaisse River as it curves it way past our RV site through what the local people call the mountains.


From our view of the Cherokee National Forrest, and my travels through the forrest to one of the schools I’d have to say that there are several times when it would be impossible for me to tell where I was.



But when it comes to mountains, although the Cherokee Forrest is in the Southern Appalacians, the tallest “mountain” in this state is called Clingman’s Dome. Now to put that in perspective, when we lived in Colorado our house was already at that elevation (6,000 ft) in Aurora Colorado and we could look out at real mountains from our back deck. The highest paved road in the United States is in Colorado up to Mt Evens (14,000 ft) and the trips we took to the top in our old white and blue Dodge van were — wait for it – legend – dary! The van’s carburetor (for those of you who remember!) was set at sea level, despite Monica and I rebuilding it twice, by the time we arrive at the top it sounded like it was hitting on four of its eight cylinders!

20131110-111849.jpg Having had the opportunity to travel and live in Italy and Germany we also got to experience the Dolomites running the spine of Italy at more than 10, 000 feet and of course in Northern Italy, Southern Germany, Western France, and Switzerland the star of mountains, the Alps!

We even spent some time on a lake in Colorado boasting the highest marina in the US on Lake Dillon


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