Coach Christmas 2013

Over the course of a very few days, Monica converts our coach from the Fall/Thanksgiving them to the happy and bright Christmas.

It has always been her almost private decorating mission, a spirit within her moves her to get it done in a certain way that is not clear to me. I either don’t have the vision or can’t see what she sees in the decorating, but when she’s done the conversion is magical!

Part of our holiday celebration is to watch the Sound of Music, and this year we watched the Taylor Swift version we had recorded on Dish receiver. The music from this movie always moves us emotionally because in a sense we lived this wonderful life with our children, we traveled many of the places seen in the movie while stationed in Europe, so the music brings us back to a beautiful time in our lives that we really enjoyed, really loved and loved it while we were there. So often people remember good times but did not realize the good times when they were living them; we really knew they were good times as we lived them. Every inch of the Christmas tree, despite its many changes year to year, always reminds me of those good times.



We’ll be leaving our Southern Tennessee location, on the Georgia and North Carolina border and head up to Nashville for Christmas with the family taking our Coach Christmas with us!




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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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