CatCalls & Balls

I’m sure you’ve seen the video or heard on national news the sound bite about the woman comix_b_catcallswho walked about NYC and recorded all the “Catcalls” sent her way she says is sexist and offensive.  First I want to say that no, not everything that was said was offensive at all — there are some comments seems to me to be just courteous.  Maybe she’s never heard about courtesy? Of course this news item was just on right after the two scantily clad women lying on the hood of an automobile were trying to sell me a car.  And it was followed by the sensuous woman who was lounging on the beach tell me I better get some Viagra.  I think the video missed the point.  I think if she held the mirror up to her face in the morning while applying the sexiest shade of lipstick, and looking for the most flattering dress for her caboose, she might see that our world is sort of setup to support the catcalls from men (and some women.)  Why is it that an auto company has gone “pink” this month, everyone is wearing those “pink” ribbons everywhere, bumper stickers tout “feel your boobies”, news anchors talk up breast cancer walks and events?  It’s because boobs are the sexiest part of human anatomy we can currently talk about — not because it is the number one killer of women when cancer Prostate-Cancer-Ribbondevelops.  If that was the case why don’t we have national balls month?  Cancer of the male nether region, occurs more often in men per 100,000 according to the CDC than does breast cancer in women?

Its all about sex – the verb.  September was Prostate Cancer Awareness month: How many news items do you remember with somebody wearing a prostate around their neck?  How many ball walks did you participate in?  Did you go “blue” and did you see national companies supporting research?  No.  Balls are not sexy; I don’t know why.  Put them up against a sagging bag of boobs and we’re talking twins.  “Feel your balls,” how would that look on your car?

So to the young lady who was the star of that little video on Catcalls I’d have to say you can’t have your cake (looking sexy, dressing sexy) and eat it too.  Life is divided into these two planes; one where women chase the perfect image to hook a mate and males try not to drool.  Oh wait, the Hardees commercial with the knockout looking woman eating a burgerthumb.php I think it’s a burger, is on, oh my … now where were we?  I think that perhaps that young lady would have done better to have turned the camera on her own inaction to assist the  homeless people she passed and return the courteous comment of “Have a nice evening” into an opportunity to communicate with her fellow man.  We’re not perfect, we men.  We’re playing the hand dealt in society and as a dad of four girls I’ve got to say it is a difficult path to walk.  Try operating the camera from the male perspective and all that we “see” and you might feel like Pogo —  “We have met the enemy and he is us” index


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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