This is a difficult post if you’re a white person.  Difficult because we’re not allowed to express our feelings like black people.  Even worse if you’re a yellow person; red person; Roderick-Scott-right-courtesy-ynn.com_off-white.  Saw a newspaper article of a young white girl shot by a black man and it was asking the Reverend (is he really a Reverend?) Sharpton why there was no public outcry, no flipped cars, burned buildings.

When I taught criminal justice the plain fact was those who commit the crime, live in crime prone neighborhoods, have criminals in their family, are more likely to be criminals themselves.  That primary group is black.  BillCosbyBill Cosby has spoken several times, talked sharply towards groups of young blacks.  Pull your pants up, quit making excuses, etc.  But Bill, he’s no hero.  Seems Billy’s got himself into a bit of a pickle and if validated then he’s a hypocrite and an example of the crime problem with black men.

So now in Ferguson Missouri where it appears an under-trained police force reacted AP_st_louis_police_shooting_jt_140810_4x3_992poorly, or the mayor did, or the black community did, or the white community did, or whatever, the overall community is once again fearful because a small group of instigators who rile up the “oppressed people” against the white/yellow/red/off-white oppressors are ready to once again tear the place apart.  What a bunch of losers.  If they are so concerned about their community they need to take part in its governance.  Improve the quality of life by improving one’s own neighborhood.  Quite frankly most Ferguson people of all colors watch the demonstrations from the comfort of their own homes commenting to each other about how tragic this is, but do nothing about it.  Let the normal flow of life take care of it and absorb it into the flow of time.

I’ve no solution.  Check your arrest rates using this link and see the disparity in black v other color people’s arrest rates.  So you explain it in an honest discussion, without the heat of negative comments.  Without blaming it on everyone other than the black population, suggesting a conspiracy.  Let that go.  Laws/rules were made to control people’s behavior and a conspiracy theory has always been that the law is used to control the blacks over white/yellow — well you get it.  And in truth there were laws made to control people; red people, women, gays, non-land owners, all governments have used the rule of law to control certain groups of people for many years.  But lets forget then and look at now.  Are laws contrived against black people?  Are laws focused on poor people?  Can you select a particular law/rule that targets you?  If you can then that is the issue to demonstrate and act upon, not the poor shopkeeper, the police, the fire department.  Change can occur using the process because it was the process that got us here in the first place.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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