Tennessee Thanksgiving Week

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou know the expression “Well if you don’t like the weather here in (insert state here) just wait a week and it will change” well that particular feeling applies to most Tennessee Thanksgivings.  I always associate a time of the year with someplace I’ve lived.  The first crisp autumn air under a clear blue sky reminds me of starting school in New York.  Riding my bike on the small bike-paths in a National Forrest in Spring and I’m in Geilenkirchen Germany.  Well I may not be a native of Tennessee (I’m really not a native of anywhere I guess) but Thanksgiving week here is often met with wild temperature fluctuations, winds blowing the remaining leaves that were struggling to stay on the tree.  Rain early in the week and the threat of snow later in the week.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve had the air conditioning going and sat in shorts around the table and then a roaring fire  the next year to try and stay warm.  Most Thanksgivings have been filled with as many family members that were available that day (work/illness of course gets in the way of life!) and currently getting along  with others.  Otherwise they’re whining away on Facebook or texting some other crazy person.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year’s a first for Monica and I.  All the years we’ve been married, some 41 plus years, Thanksgiving has been at our home or like last year, at a state park, once a restaurant, and a few at parents home but primarily we cooked, etc.  This year daughter Rebecca is at the helm, hosting this Thanksgiving at her house!  I wonder if this is the advent of Thanksgiving change?  Perhaps every year from now on another family member (not at odds with others – God that is so old and gets in the way) will pick up the turkey and plan a family event.  How comforting that would be for us.


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