Full-Timer Conundrum

Dear Al-Jazeer,  Sorry I did not see you “scathing” “expose” on Full-Timers on TV and the deplorable conditions we live undeUnknownr, but I did read the article and must say that, whew, you’ve got us!  You’ve discovered a segment of society that has grown out of its own definition of self.  Like any other part of society we “full-timers” come in many shapes and sizes.  Now I do agree that there are probably plenty of people who, for whatever reason, live in an RV and move place to place like migrant workers working in an environment where they are making less than they should for the amount of effort.  Just like there are people in that segment of society not living in an RV who are suffering in some tenement.  The difference is in the definition of what constitutes a full-timer; that I take exception to and one that perhaps is growing too fast for its own good.

So who are Full-Timers?

Full-Timers are by my definition people who by choice, live in a recreational vehicle, full-time and travel the country in that vehicle as a part of their retirement lifestyle.  Now I know that will bring some criticism because there are people who live with their families in an RV, travel, and are not retired but like the lifestyle.  Then there are those who “almost” live full-time in their RV preferring to return to their bricks and sticks for the winter/spring season.

IMG_3224So the whole business is muddied, by this view of who we are and I guess to some, why we live this way.  For Monica and I, back several years ago when we lived in Colorado, our financial/insurance advisor at the time asked us to list our dream retirement lifestyle separately and then compare the two.  We both listed RV lifestyle and this had been our goal until a few years ago, we got the opportunity to go for it.  We sold the house and now live the lifestyle.  We have worked on and off as opportunity presented itself and in fact currently are spending the winter in Nashville to be close to our family while parked in an Army Corps recreation area as the winter care-takers.

We are full-timers.  We live the lifestyle all year and have for three years and would not change anything.

So a definition of sorts?

We’re a “Professional RV” family.  We’re “Full-Timers” by choice.  The Al-Jazeer (who are these people anyway?) video according to several posts I’ve read ( on Facebook Living The RV Dream) shed a poor light on a great opportunity.  Like one person commented, maybe the article will keep people away from the lifestyle and crowding the campsites!  But this crisis of identity will eventually smooth over and the definition of full-timers will take care of itself.

So what do you think fellow RVers?  What’s your definition of a full-timer?  Leave me a reply below and either choose from the following or send your own?

  • A full-timer is an RV person(s) who spends all their time by choice residing in an RV, does not own a sticks and bricks place, may work part-time or none at all, and travels during the year.
  • A full-timer is an RV person(s) who spend the majority of their time traveling in their RV, but own a bricks and sticks as well.
  • A full-timer is anyone living in an RV longer than weekenders.
  • A full-timer is retired and lives in their RV more than 6 months out of a year.

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6 Responses to Full-Timer Conundrum

  1. A full-time RVer is someone who lives in an RV as their primary home, works or doesn’t, travels all the time or only occasionally. The term is a large umbrella that encompasses all kinds of people, all types of RVs, a variety of travel styles, and a wide range of income levels. No one definition fits all.

  2. bauernfeind says:

    I agree with you Walt — I’ve had the question posed to me so many times this year while traveling mainly by other campers. Seems the Al-Jazeer video gave us some negative light

  3. I think I like a combination between 1 and 2. Just because someone lives in their RV full-time, doesn’t mean they don’t also own sticks and bricks property. Perhaps they rent it out, or use them for investment. I like what you’ve said though, and enjoyed reading!

  4. I didn’t realize this was such a debated topic….very interesting.
    We consider ourselves full-timers, though we are not retired, but our RV is our home. We live in it all the time. And, love to use it for travel as much as we can.

  5. bauernfeind says:

    I don’t think it was but it is becoming one. There are more and more of “us” than ever before and the growth of this industry will dictate a sort of “filtering” or labeling of Rvers.

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