New Year … Resolutions


I do not remember at what age I stopped new year’s resolutions. It does happen. New Year’s starts to resemble another year lost.  Time running out, expired.  I really don’t remember during many early years making resolutions in the first place.  Always seemed silly, a false start.  And new year’s itself was never a blockbuster for us.  When the kids were young, yes it was exciting for them to stay up late, run around the yard banging pots with spoons to make noise and then maybe a little of the bubbly.  Before that I honestly cannot remember a significant new years celebration.  Since the kids are grown there’s been many a new years we slept through — about as much fun as daylight savings time.  When the world watched the ball drop on Times Square, it was one thing — since then every town of size has their own celebration.  Today’s singers and songs often remind me of screaming out of control children in a supermarket.  Guy Lombardo certainly, a thing of the past.  Now the year they went to every time zone in the world, that was interesting.  It was 2000 I believe.  We were pleasantly surprised when we lived in Germany with all the fireworks on New Years.  Much more than we use even on our 4th of July celebration.  Every village had a fireworks display and we watched our town’s display from the patio on the roof in our house.

I think I will make one resolution, to try and make a solid plan to see the ball drop in Times Square; not down in the street crowd surging to find a place to pee, but as an onlooker out of a hotel window sipping a bit of the bubbly.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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