Georgia Lake Lanier Army Corps Campground

Out Our Window

Out Our Window

Sunrise out our window on Lake Lanier, ACOE, Cumming Georgia.  Had a heck of a time getting here yesterday.  It was one of those days  you have to have from time to time to let you know that your life is not the easy road, but the one less traveled and often filled with challenges that you need to overcome to continue the on-the-road lifestyle chosen.



We’re north of Atlanta a little ways visiting our daughter Veronica — she’s this year’s host for Thanksgiving and we’re excited to be here.  I don’t know who from the family will be here to join us; I believe Rebecca will be.  Jessica injured herself at work yesterday and spent the evening in the ER so I doubt she and Shane will be able to make the drive; Christina is on the road somewhere and James moved to Houston, TX., so he’ll not be here but with Veronica’s family and Rebecca, Kayla, and Monica and I, we’ll certainly have enough!

As I’ve stated many times, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday during my favorite season of the year.  The crisp cool fall mornings, the air being cleaner and clearer, sky a beautiful blue, the fall leaves, just makes it a beautiful backdrop to a great holiday.  As I remember, it was the only time years ago my mother cleared off her mahogany dining room table, opened the silverware box, and set the chairs in the rarely used dining room.

Every year the kids were at home, while we rarely if ever (?) had a formal dining room (it always seemed like a waste of space and with four kids you always needed every inch), we’d set the table with all the decorations and special dishes we would not normally use at mealtime.  In Texas or Missouri, Arkansas or Italy, Colorado or Germany, our yearly Thanksgiving was almost identical and that continuity of holiday celebration always made us feel warm and cosy inside.  I’m sure this year’s will be the same.


Out Our Window

Out Our Window


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